You Have Questions,
We have answers

-Q: How do I pay for the match?

A: The match is paid at the time of registering by using the Practiscore link on the main page. Walk up registrations or cash payments are not allowed. 


-Q: Should I register as “Pro” or “Am”?

A: Those who have never shot a match, or have only shot a handful of matches would best be suited in the “Am” category. “Pro” refers to those who regularly shoot matches or have a history in the competitive shooting scene. The “Pro” category is scored more harshly than the “Am” side. Please be as honest as you can when choosing your category. 


-Q: Can I just come watch?

A: Absolutely! However, we do recommend that if you are coming to watch, you may as well just jump into the action and shoot the match. We are extremely new shooter friendly and would be happy to walk you through every step. Regardless, if you wish to just come and spectate, please visit our store and grab a “Guest Pass” for each spectator. The passes are free, however a few requirements must be met, including a signed waiver for attending as a spectator/guest.


-Q: When can I arrive at the event/campsite?

A: Camping check in will run from 3pm Friday to 8pm at the campsite. If you are going to be late, please contact us to make arrangements. Check in for camping and the match itself will begin at 7am on Saturday at the range, and will run until the safety brief begins at 8:30am. All checkins for the match must be completed by 8:30 on Saturday morning. 


 -Q: What firearms are permitted? 

A: Please see the rules section of the site. If you have a more specific question regarding a firearm, please use the “Contact Us” area on the home page. 


-Q: What do I do when I arrive at the range?

A: Report to the check in area in the pole building. Please have all firearms cased or in a cart as described in the rules section of this website. Chamber flags are required at all times. All competitors must be checked in and ready by 8:30am on Saturday morning for the Safety Briefing. Any competitor that misses the safety brief will not be allowed to compete, and will not be given a refund. 


-Q: Something came up, and I need to withdraw from the match. What do I do?

A: Please submit a “Request to Withdraw” via your Practiscore dashboard. Refunds will be given prior to July 8th 2023, less processing fees. You may also transfer your registration to a friend. Please contact us using the form on the home page in order to do so. 


-Q: What if my firearm needs some sort of maintenance during the match, or at the campground?

A: Firearm handling is permitted only under the instruction of an RO, or in a safe area. If a repair is needed, please proceed to a marked safe area carrying the firearm muzzle up. Please keep in mind that NO ammo is permitted in the safe areas. 


-Q: How do I reserve a camp site?

A: Please visit our online store and purchase a camping pass. We will email as soon as possible after with further instructions. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. 


-Q: Where do I park at the range?

A: Parking will be in the grass field above Bay 1. Please follow the signs and be sure to park in an orderly fashion. Non staff vehicles are not permitted on the range. 


-Q: Where do I park at the campsite? 

A: Please park on the grass bordering the road. Unfortunately, vehicles are not allowed on the trap field. 


-Q: What is the campsite like?

A: Well, it’s camping. There is no public power or showers, but there will be toilets and a handwashing station. There will also be grills provided to cook on, and a bonfire if weather permits. Please keep in mind that campsites are for tents only. 


-Q: I’ve never been in a competition setting before. I’m nervous. Any advice?

A: Don’t be! Our staff, and our match is VERY new shooter friendly. We are happy to guide you every step of the way, we just ask that you make your ROs aware that you are new to competing. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help, and to get people out and shooting! If it’s your first match, the only things you should be concerned about is being safe, and having fun. Don’t think about it as a match, or worry about scores….. think of it as an experience and an opportunity to learn!


-Q: Is there a minimum age for shooters?

A: Honestly, No. If your child is old enough to safely navigate a course of fire that involves moving with a firearm, and understands RO commands, we welcome them as a junior shooter. If it is your child’s first match, please make your RO aware and we will do our best to help them. Also, if you are a family wishing to shoot the match together, please contact us for a family registration discount.


-Q: Are Pistol Braces permitted?

A: The staff at Thunder on the Tundra is not a law enforcement agency, and we will in no way make an effort to determine what is either “legal” or “compliant” while at our match. It is up to you as an individual to chose to follow federal law or your own personal morals. However, Thunder on the Tundra and Ripon Gun Club will not be held responsible in any way for your decisions in the matter. 


-Q: I wish to register as a group so I can shoot with my friends. How do I do so?

A: Someone in your friend group must first establish a code. If you’ve already registered and need to be added to a group, please contact us. Please see the following photos for instruction regarding setting up a new group registration.