Rules & Regs

• No ARs of any type will be permitted to compete. This match is intended for AKs and other Eastern Bloc style firearms. Below is a list of some examples of “permitted” firearms. If you have any specific questions, please contact us.

(Please note that “Legacy Variant” refers to firearms constructed in direct lineage to the original manufacturer/model, to include clones/copies produced both domestically and abroad)



-Combloc Arms and their legacy variants (Ak, AKM, ak74, AK100, AK12/15, RPK, Galil/Galil Ace, Yugo/Serb pattern AKs, SKS, Type 81, VZ58, etc).

-FAMAE/SIG 550 and their legacy variants


-CETME/HK Roller Delay type rifles and their legacy variants



-Combloc arms and their legacy variants (Mosin, SVT, SVD, PSL DP28, PKM, Galil/Galil Ace, Valmet, etc)

-FAMAE/SIG 750 and legacy variants

-CETME/HK roller delay type rifles and their legacy variants

-FN FAL/L1A1 variants

– European Mauser Milsurp Variants

– European Enfield Milsurps


-Combloc Arms and their legacy variants (NAK/PAK, WASR-M, AK-V, KP/KR9, Vityaz, PPSH, Suomi, PM63, VZ61/Skorpion, CZM25, PM63, Spectre, etc)

-HK Roller Delay type sub guns and their legacy variants



-UZI and legacy variants

-MAC 10/11 and legacy variants

-Tech 9


– AK variants WITHOUT a stock or brace, such as a Draco

-Birds Head Gripped/cut stock SKS

– Mini 14/30 w/FOLDED stock or birds head.



-RIFLE IRONS DIV: RIFLE CALIBERS AND IRON SIGHTS ONLY. 2 hits on paper targets required to neutralize.

-RIFLE OPTICS DIV: RIFLE CALIBER ONLY Firearms with any sort of optical aid, such as LPVO, fixed power scope, red dot, etc. If any firearm you intend to use at the match has a sighting system other than iron sights, this is the division you need to be in. 2 hits on paper to neutralize.

-HEAVY DIVISIONS: This is for full power cartridges, such as 7.62x54r, 7.62×51, 8mm, etc. Paper targets will require 1 hit to neutralize. Please select your division based on the operating system of your firearm. Optics are allowed in this division.

-PCC: PISTOL CALIBER ONLY. Please note that pistol caliber firearms are no longer allowed to compete in the optics or irons division. This division is for firearms such as 9mm AKs, MP5s, and other “historic” pistol caliber guns. NO AR STYLE firearms will be allowed in this division. 2 hits on paper to neutralize. Optics are permitted in this division.

-STREET FIGHTER: This division is for “crime movie” type firearms, such as Macs, Uzis, Tech 9s, AK pistols without a stock, etc. 2 hits on paper to neutralize. No shotguns allowed. No Holsters allowed. Guns MUST be cased and flagged when not in use. 

–Please ensure that you can safely handle the firearms in your division in a “Match Type” setting. Thunder on the Tundra and its staff assumes no responsibilities for your actions–

If you have a question regarding a specific division or where/if your firearm is allowed, please consult the FAQ or contact us using the form on the home page


• More than one firearm may be used to compete, but only one may be used per stage. Please note that if you are shooting any division other than heavy, and intend to use an optic at any point during the match, you MUST register in the optics division, even if you intend to use iron sights at some point. Pistol caliber firearms may no longer be used in the rifle divisons.


• Slings are NOT allowed on competitors firearms.


• Supressors will be permitted, so long as they do not cause any issues with the timers. If the timer cannot pick up your rifle, you will be asked to remove your supressor and will need to reshoot the stage.


• All firearms will need to have chamber flags and need to be transported around the range carried “muzzle up”, or in a gun cart with the muzzle facing mostly towards the ground.  Chamber flags are not to be removed unless under the supervision of an RO, or in approved safety areas.


• No steel core or “penetrator” ammo may be used on steel targets. If a steel target is engaged with such ammo, the competitor will be disqualified, and asked to pay for the target. Off the shelf bi-metal jacketed ammo such as Tula or Wolf is fine for use on steel. Any ammo may be used on paper targets. Absolutely no tracers will be allowed.


• Steel targets may not be engaged from less than 45 yards. Doing so will result in a Disqualification.


• Any competitor who shoots a concrete wall will be disqualified. 


•ALL competitors are expected to help with the reset process on the stages. Those not helping or not doing so in an expedient manner will be penalized by removal of their scores on that stage. 


• We encourage wearing costumes, but please ensure that they do not pose any safety risks.


• All competitors and guests must have eye and ear protection, and closed toe shoes.


• A reload is mandatory on each stage. Any competitor that fails to reload during the course of the stage, and fire at least 3 rounds afterwards will be imposed a 30 second Procedural penalty.


• There is to be no alcohol on the range while the match is in progress. Drinking and handling firearms at any time is also prohibited on the range or in the camp ground. Failure to comply will result in a match DQ.