Thunder on the Tundra, and ComBloc WI were created by a close group of like minded enthusiasts. Our goal was to bring the Midwestern ComBloc firearm community together, while raising money for a great cause at the same time. We strive to teach enthusiasts both new and old new things, and also to get people out and shooting. Our match as a whole is very new shooter friendly, and we would be more than happy to walk any new shooter through every step of shooting a match. 

This event began in 2020, and so far we have raised over $10,600 for the Combat Veteran’s Association here in Wisconsin. All of our raffle and stage sponsorship proceeds go to helping our less fortunate veterans lead a better, brighter future. Not to mention, in the last two years, many lasting relationships and friendships have been formed within the AK community due to our patrons interacting. 

All in all, we thank to all those involved over the years for their help to continue to unify the Midwestern AK community, and continued support to help our less fortunate veterans. 

Our Match Staff consists of:

– Todd Cibulka, aka @kalashnicomp on IG: Match Director, and Lead Safety advisor

– Brett Heise, aka @bheise421 on IG: Business Liaison/Sponsorship Coordinator

– Scott, aka @thesketchylefty on IG: Graphics Design, Social Media Lead, and advisory board

– Curtis Garza, aka @garzilla89 on IG: Photo and video master

– Austen Morton, aka @mortonmachinery on IG: advisory board and ComBloc WI godfather

– Kevin McConeghy, aka @kmack996 on IG: Advertising Director, Advisory board and Safety Advisor

– Alex Trevino, aka @miltownchef on IG: Safety Advisor

We would like to thank all of our generous sponsors in aiding us in our growth, and for helping us by contributing to a great cause.